The Town of Wolfville



Wolfville is located on the southern shore of Minas Basin, the northeast arm of the Bay of Fundy, in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia. Fundy tides rise and fall by as much as 16 metres making them the highest in the world, in one of the world’s smallest harbors. 


Wolfville is a town of 4,200 people and in September when the students arrive, the town experiences its own tidal effect when more than 3,000 students from around the world come rushing into Acadia University.


There are four churches in Wolfville serving Anglican, Baptist, United, and Roman Catholic denominations, plus the Chapel on Campus.


Summer temperatures average in the mid 20’s with nights in the low teens. Fall and Spring have daily highs in the low teens. Winter temperatures average -2 degrees to plus 2 degrees with lows in the minus range during the night. Snow can appear in November and remain until April.

Emergency Services

The local RCMP detachment, fire station and ambulance headquarters are all located within 2 blocks of the university.


Wolfville has two banks and both are equipped to work with students and the many banking situations that arise - RBC Royal Bank 902-542-2221 and BMO Bank of Montreal 902-542-2214. Both branches are located within two blocks of the campus.


Within two blocks of the campus students can find a grocery store, two pharmacies, various sit down and take out restaurants, hair salons, dental clinics, a book store, along with many other shops and services. A large shopping area with department stores, malls and restaurants is located a 5-minute drive from Wolfville.


Kings Transit operates a public bus service that covers routes from Wolfville to Weymouth.

Maritime Bus Service operates a province wide route with service to both Halifax and the airport. Tickets can be purchased at the Student Info Desk in the Student Union Building.

Places to stay in Wolfville?

There are many choices for accommodations. Visit Town of Wolfville for access to Google maps, websites, addresses and phone numbers.