Students under the age of 19 are considered minors in Nova Scotia and require a custodian. Citizenship and Immigration Canada may require that some persons under the age of 19 applying for a study permit have a Custodian living in the local community in Canada.

In the event that your student still does not have a custodian, Acadia University assigned an individual to provide custodianship for emergency cases. Please note that the student must live in on-campus residence at Acadia until the end of the semester in which they turn 19 to qualify for custodianship.



Recruitment and Student Services
Box 40 (Custodian Requests)
31 Acadia Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 2R6

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      Faxed signed copies can be sent to 902-585-1092
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      Scanned signed copies can be emailed to

Check out Custodianship for International Students at Acadia.